Jen’s Gentle & Fun Approach

I love teaching Pilates because it is exciting to help clients deepen their own inner strength & body awareness. Through a compassionate approach, I educate you on where a variety of muscles & other important structures live, what it means to use them well, why they are important to overall health & how to implement this knowledge into your everyday life. All sessions are uniquely designed for each individual based on age, experience, activity level, posture, past or present injuries, and other physical conditions. Because I work privately with each client, I move at a gentle pace that is always fun & encouraging.

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What to Expect at a Pilates Session with Jen

At the first session, I often conduct a visual and/or tactile assessment to get to know my client’s natural and unique body posture. I also introduce the five basic principles of the STOTT PILATES method which includes proper breathing, use of deep core muscles, and overall placement and mobility of various structures.  As sessions progress, each client learns how to gently and properly move through exercises on various pieces of equipment which are appropriately suited for his or her individual needs. When necessary, I may use some bodywork techniques to enhance a client’s Pilates session as well.  At the end of a session, clients often report feeling “great”, “more poised like a dancer”, “taller”, “in control of my body”, that “limbs are lighter”, and share the realization “so THAT is my core”.

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Pilates for Osteoporosis

More than 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men will suffer a bone fracture due to osteopenia or osteoporosis in their lifetime.  Compression fractures of the spinal vertebrae are the most common, but fractures to the hip, ribs, shoulder, wrist and ankle often occur as a result of low bone density.  Research is showing that 2 supervised 1 hour exercise sessions plus 2 independent exercise sessions per week can improve Bone Mineral Density scores and reduce fracture risk.  The University Hospitals of Columbia and Cornell have stated that “Exercise programs have a key role in the management of the osteoporotic patient…Many consider Pilates to be an excellent physical exercise regimen…”


Benefits of Doing Pilates Regularly

  • Increase overall body awareness, flexibility, strength, posture
  • Increase core strength around the back, abdominals, and pelvis
  • Increase joint health by strengthening & rebalancing the muscles around the joints
  • Increase overall body awareness while doing everyday activities
  • Increase benefits of other physical activities like walking, running, swimming, skiiing etc

Additional Benefits of Doing Pilates for Osteoporosis

  • Maintain and/or increase bone density
  • Encourage proper spinal alignment to decrease risk of spinal fracture
  • Improve balance to reduce risk of fracture due to falls
  • Rebalance & strengthen hip, shoulder, knee, wrist & ankle to increase joint health & reduce risk of fracture

Private Pilates Rates Until February 29, 2020

*All Rates Include Tax*

Individual Sessions

60 minutes   $85

Prepaid Packages (expires after 6 months)

Five 60 minute sessions  $375

Private Pilates Rates Starting March 1, 2020

*All Rates Include Tax*

Individual Sessions

60 minutes   $95

Prepaid Packages (expires after 6 months)

Five 60 minute sessions   $425



Cash or Check preferred & collected for full fee at time of service.  

Major credit cards also accepted.

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