“I have been receiving excellent bodywork from Jen for over 10 years. I find her work to be intelligent, creative and focused. I am often amazed at her knack for approaching discomfort in my body from a unique direction. The addition of Pilates to Jen’s impressive skill-set has been exciting for me. I feel like the Pilates work has engaged my tissue in a whole new way, challenging areas that were weak and helping me to address patterns of which I was unaware. When this learning is reinforced with the massage that I receive, I experience integration at a much deeper level.”

Nicki, age 38

“I first received bodywork from Jen in 2004, after suffering a back injury where she proved to be one of the most important and skilled providers in my life. I have been to other craniosacral practitioners and never have I met someone so talented. She has an uncanny ability to see the most subtle changes in my posture and transform my aching body into a relaxed and energized system. Jen is also a generous and effective Pilates teacher. With kindness and humor, she has taken much time teaching that the key to effectively reducing my back pain lies in gently increasing strength in my core muscles in order to maintain a stable pelvis. I see Jen biweekly and with each passing month, my body awareness improves. Jen has helped me build confidence that I can engineer my body into a strong, beautiful machine. I find great freedom as a result of this confidence and now feel empowered to exercise more without fear. She is a lovely woman and a wonderful practitioner.”

Sherry, age 42

“I have been seeing Jen monthly for the last 8 years, the muscle tension in my back and neck is managed better with regular bodywork. Jen is skilled at identifying problem areas and working on them. She is a true professional who is always honing her skills and trying new things if it will improve her client’s well-being. Sometimes I walk crooked into my session with Jen, and walk out straight.”

Karen, Age 40

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